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The "hope and change" tsunami has reached its high water mark. As the muddy waters recede, we can now see the wreckage of lost jobs, bailouts and debt left by unfettered socialism, political corruption and reckless government intrusion. We are proud to list the following links to nearby organizations promoting the same principles of freedom and prosperity as those held by the Sonoita | Elgin Tea Party. It's encouraging to see how vibrant and broad is the work to restore America. These organizations may be holding events and meetings convenient to your location and time.

Truth Revolt - The left wins for one simple reason: leftists control the information distribution system in the United States. And they use that system to pillory conservatives as heartless bigots intent on harming the poor and targeting minorities. The goal of TruthRevolt is simple: unmask leftists in the media for who they are, destroy their credibility with the American public, and devastate their funding bases.

Tea Party Patriots - Tea Party Patriots is a national grassroots organization that exists to serve and support the thousands of local organizations and millions of grassroots Patriots throughout our nation.

Sahuarita Tea Party Patriots - Like the national organization, we also envision a state and nation where personal freedom is cherished and where all Americans are treated equally, assuring our ability to pursue the American Dream.

Arizona Tea Party Network - This organization maintains a list of most all Tea Party type groups in Arizona.

Tucson Tea Party - A very active, friendly Tea Party group in Tucson, who have organized events drawing up to 7000 people.

Cochise County Tea Party - Web Site sponsored by the 912 Project of Cochise County in Sierra Vista, AZ.

The Arizona Freedom Alliance - Join this organization on-line, to interact with conservatives all around Arizona

The Pima County Tea Party Patriots - Web Site promoting Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government

Smart Girl Politics - Tucson - SGP Action's mission will always be to ENGAGE, EDUCATE, and EMPOWER!!

Arizona Latino Republican Association - Tucson - A statewide, 501C4, nonprofit corporation organized to advance conservative principles and ideals.

Green Valley Tea Party - A Tea Party Organization in Green Valley, Arizona.

Every Political Leader on Every Issue - Answer a list of questions on a variety of issues and see how the candidates match up with your views.

Americans for Prosperity, Arizona Chapter - A national organization coordinating action on a variety of conservative issues.