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The Constitution of the United States is the basic law of our country. It defines how we are to be goverened, or more properly, how we are to govern ourselves. It was constructed by a group of very special men. 70 were appointed, 55 attended sessions, but only 39 deligates actually signed their names to it. At a time in history, when most all inhabitants of the Earth were goverened by kings, dictators or tribal leaders, the Constution defined a unique, new concept; the inhabitants of the United States declaired that the individual was his own soverign, to be ruled by no one except God, and that government should and would only exist to protect and defend that concept. Today the Constitution is under assault more than at any other time in history. The Constitution gets in the way of those who enjoy being in charge, think they are smarter than any one else, and would like to supplant God.

Below are some useful links to more information on the Constitution of the United States.

Read the entire Constitution here and test how much you know about it. Complete text of the Constitution

View a lecture series on the Constitution presented by Hillsdale College. Constitution Lecture Series